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Cloud Services

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed how businesses run today, becoming a modern yet crucial standard in technology and business. Reves Enterprise assists with cloud computing by first examining the technologies you are using then deciding which of these systems should be migrated to cloud. This transition modernizes the technology in your business which tremendously boost your business agility and saves you money!

Experienced with several cloud productivity platform solutions, our team of certified technicians have migrated hundreds  of customers into various clouds solutions. This track record shows that you can trust us as we know what solutions are best for your business. Our experts are ready to work for you and with you to ensure your transition is cloud is smooth and secure while saving you money.

Examples of Cloud Services include: Office 365 (email, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Cloud storage and back ups, Cloud ERPs (software applications such as accounting, geomatics, design, estimating, inventory, build outs, scheduling etc),

How can you benefit from Cloud?

Business Flexibility & Adaptability

Increasing your business agility is one powerful reason to consider as it relates to companies migrating their technology to cloud.  Take advantage of cloud computing power and get increased speeds and systems stability.  Always be on the most advanced versions and leave the updating and patching to others.

Reduce Costs

Your business can now leverage enterprise technology at a reduced cost. You no longer need to invest in physical hardware, software and resources.  With a stable internet connection and a small network set up you are able to do the same that previously required a full infrastructure build out including a local server.  You save on hardware, cooling and electrical costs.

Capital Expenses or Operating Expenses

Get upfront savings and lower investment risks by moving capital expenses to operational expenses. Usually, companies pay a high upfront cost to purchase software products and hardware. As more and more cloud services are on the subscription model, the upfront capital cost has moved to a monthly operating cost.  This helps businesses manage cash flow and spread out costs over a longer period of time.  Freeing up capital allows you to grow and expand the business instead of worrying about IT infrastructure.


With cloud computing, you can easily scale up or down as needed. Additionally, one major benefit of cloud computing benefit of cloud computing is monitoring and scaling your systems.  Adding additional seats for email, ERP systems access or additional files for storage is simple and doesn’t involve purchasing new hardware.  It usually just involves adding another subscription or user and you are ready to access the cloud.

Access on Any Device Anytime and from Anywhere

The ability to access your desktop and or applications from anywhere there is an internet connection is one of the main reasons organizations with a remote work force use cloud services.  Be it on the road or in your office, on your laptop or mobile, cloud computing allows you access to your desktop and applications whenever, wherever. You no longer have to wait until you’re at work to work.

Cloud computing lets you take advantage of enterprise grade applications at a reduced cost from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Take the next step now and contact us so that we can provide you cloud migration information which is most suitable for your Business.

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